Dermalux Flex MD Review: LED Face & Body

Dermalux Flex MD is an at-home LED face and body device that is said to be three times more powerful than any other at-home LED device.

Previously I have tried LED treatments in salon and also other home devices such as the Dr Dennis Gross mask, so I was eager to test out the Flex MD and see how it compared.

What interested me to the Flex MD was how powerful it claimed to be, that it has three different wavelengths rather than a whole bunch of different colours that you then get confused on what to use and also the fact it can is flexible, so it can be used flat on the body.

Let’s take a deep dive into the Flex MD and if you are looking to invest yourself, get £150 off with the discount code LDNDERMA on Current Body.

Dermalux Flex MD LED Review

How does LED work in skincare?

Our skin has the ability to absorb light energy and use it to stimulate or regulate essential cell processes. LED Phototherapy is the application of low-level light energy, delivered via beneficial wavelengths to stimulate or regulate the biological process with proven therapeutic results.

LED light can treat numerous issues; acne, dry skin, pigmentation, complexion, redness, psoriasis, wound healing, pain relief and skin rejuvenation such as fine lines and loss of elasticity.

Dermalux Flex MD guide

How To Use

The Dermalux Flex MD is easy to use and it comes with a guide on how to use each colour of light and what it will treat. It advises on the treatment time (usually 30 mins) and you can use a mixture of the the lights or use them on their own. So for example, moderate to severe acne it suggests using blue and near-infra red light and the lights work together simultaneously to treat at the same time.

The set-up takes no time at all and you can control your treatment via the panel. It comes with a pillow to place under your head and then slide under the canopy. They also provide goggles to use, which I would recommend as the light is very bright. It took a little getting used to at first compared to what I have used previously.

Dermalux recommend an intensive skin activation programme in the beginning, doing 12 treatments at least 2-3 times per week.

Dermalux Flex MD Controller

What does each LED colour do?

Blue Light 415nm

Blemish fighting blue light destroys the bacteria which causes spots and improves skin clarity without irritation. It also has a calming effect for problem skin conditions.

LED blue light Dermalux Flex MD

Red Light 633nm

Rejuvenating red light increases metabolic energy and ATP (adenosine triphosphate) synthesis to stimulate cell renewal, boost collagen and elastin production and increase hydration. Ideal for restoring vitality.

LED red light Dermalux Flex MD

Near Infrared Light (NIR) 830nm

Regenerating Near Infrared light offers advanced rejuvenation benefits, calms redness and irritation and helps to reduce pigmentation. NIR Light has been shown to increase cell regeneration by up to 200%.

This one you can hardly see but if you look close there are very dim red lights that will be glowing.

Dermalux Flex MD LEDs
Near infrared light Dermalux Flex MD

What makes it unique?

Dermalux say the Flex MD is the most powerful, portable LED device available, so what makes it unique?

  • Dermalux Flex has it’s own in-house design and development and is manufactured in Britain They don’t just use standard cosmetics LEDs but have designed their own scale to measure and manufacture their very own to use within the device.
  • The device has 360 high power ceramic LEDS.
  • Dermalux have tested their device against competitors, measuring the optical power and wavelength precision of each device, resulting in the optical power output (J/cm2). Their device resulted in an accurate measure compared to some of those tested.
  • Dermalux Flex MD is an accredited medical CE certified device for treating acne, wound healing, psoriasis and pain. Also for a range of cosmetic indications including Rejuvenation, Pigmentation and Redness.
  • Many at-home devices don’t have a CE as it’s not something you can get easily, so well worth noting when looking to buy an LED device.
  • The device can also be used flat to treat the body as well as the face, something you don’t often find unless it is a separate device.
Dermalux Flex MD red and blue light

My Treatment

For my first treatment I decided to use all three wavelengths; Blue, Red and NIR as my skin was suffering a bad breakout, I had pigmentation and general redness and dryness. I have got on well with blue light in the past, so I was hoping this would be the same and it completely exceeded my expectations.

After just one session the rather large spot on my cheek had already come to a head and just a couple of days later my breakout was looking much better.

For the next session I used the same combination of lights again and then after that I used the red and NIR together to work on my pigmentation and general anti-ageing.

I’ve now done multiple treatments and I am extremely happy with the result so far. The overall appearance of my skin and pigmentation has vastly improved, as well as the breakouts around my chin and the previous scarring from spots.

Flex MD also works on the body and as I suffer from eczema I will be trying this on my arm and hand to help treat.

Dermalux Flex MD flat open

How Does It Compare?

The Dermalux Flex MD is an expensive piece of kit so to know that it really does have the technology and power behind it compared to other devices is what makes it stand out to me.

There are lots of LED masks out there now and it is hard to navigate which are actually any good or which are just a fad, even Primark have one now! Personally I’d rather know what I’m using on my face, the technology behind it and know that is medically certified.

It’s not quite as easy as just throwing on a mask for three mins a day, but those 30 mins you do spend under the canopy for me are worth it and I’m excited to keep using it and seeing the results.

It’s quite nice to take a time out and listen to some music, whilst doing absolutely nothing other than praying to the LED skincare gods.

Dermalux Flex MD Review

Where To Buy & Discount Code

The Dermalux Flex MD is available now exclusively at Current Body and they have gave me a discount code to give you £150 off.

Just enter the code LDNDERMA at checkout, shop it now here.

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