HYPEBEAST Magazine Issue 27: The Kinship Issue by Hypebeast - issuu

Hypebeast is a term which is becoming increasingly popular in recent years. It describes someone that always has the latest gear from the biggest and most talked about brands of the time. Most of the people who know anything about fashion are not the people that are being targeted, this is for the people who solely care about how rare an item is or how ridiculous it looks to stand out from the crowd. 

The days of full tracksuit and ridiculous trainers are not the answer to today’s fashionistas. Many people follow these trends as they don’t know how to dress themselves, but the truth is, if they tried, they would be amazed with what they can achieve on their own. Let’s start drawing back from the hype for something a little more stylish. In this article, we will walk you through how to get you out of the hypebeast scene and get you into your own style. 

Stop Matching Your Clothes

Not everything has to match from top to tail in the same colour, design or even brand. It actually looks ridiculous in fact. Where is the imagination when everything is the same colour or design? Tone it down, let your imagination flow and start opting for things that are less out there. When we say stop matching your clothes, we don’t mean to put things together that contrast too much, but spread the colours out a bit. 

Embrace Smart Simple Footwear

We know you hypebeasts love a big expensive ugly trainer, but it’s time to stop this monstrosity. Opt for something a little more subtle and sleek that matches with a range of different clothing styles, there are many brands and designs out there to choose from. Withdraw from the urge to pick up the next hype and tone it down with a smart pair of loafers or chelsea boots.

Take Things Down A Tad 

Rather than putting on all the bits and bobs you want on, tone it down a tad. Put on a few pieces that are well thought out and compliment each other to make a smart outfit. It’s best not to overdo the accessories as this just looks ridiculous, there’s nothing wrong with a good quality watch, ring and cap. 

Learn That It’s Okay To Say No

It’s inevitable that there is going to be another drop for the next new hype, learn to say no. I know it’s difficult at first but you can do it! Not only will you stop being broke because youve sent three quarters of your wage on a new pair of sneakers or off white collaboration, but you will also understand that you can get much nicer and better quality clothing elsewhere. There’s more to life than having the newest t-shirt on your street, so enjoy the little wins and save some money for quality pieces which will last and go with most outfits. 

Now You know just some of the tips that can help you get your style back on track without being such a hype beast. Obviously it’s inevitable that you will still opt for some one off urban streetwear garments, just tone it down.