What Can We Learn From Writers & Artists, The Original WFH Style Set?

Our daily attire has shifted somewhat since lockdown began in March. At first, those of us lucky enough to work from home squealed in glee at the chance to wear our pajamas all day — be gone, stuffy work shirts and restrictive trousers! — but the novelty of a nine-to-five duvet day soon wore off. We wanted to feel at least slightly presentable for Zoom calls with our manager (while maintaining the same level of comfort) and so we turned to loungewear, all color-coordinating sets, tie-dye joggers, and slogan sweaters. Of course, we haven’t taken off our humble Birkenstock sandals — the poster child of lockdown footwear — but our sartorial approach has mutated once more; on week six of lockdown, the clock has melted off the wall and with it, any sense of self. 

In an effort to establish some structure in our lives, we’re searching for

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