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Technology Recyclers have entered a world record by toppling 2,910 laptops in a domino fashion. The incredible record was attempted on May 13 at Technology Recyclers’ headquarters in the USA. Guinness World Records shared the achievement on their official Instagram handle.

“Epic laptop domino toppling teamwork by @techrecyclers (USA),” they wrote while sharing the video on Instagram with several hashtags, including #dominoes, #laptop, and #recycling. The video shows laptops put together in a long curvy line on the floor, toppled in a domino fashion.

According to a blog post by Guinness World Records, the Technology Recyclers hold the world record for the ‘most laptops toppled in a domino fashion’. The company attempted the record to promote the importance of ethical recycling and increase their impact through the volume of e-waste recycled.

“We had a wonderful time planning and executing this event. The day brought our employees deeper into our story, and understanding the importance of what we do. We are now going to utilize the pictures, videos and stories to grow the impact in Indiana and the importance of computer and electronics recycling everywhere. We are the Official sponsors of tomorrow,” Dale Needleman, Partner at Technology Recyclers, told Guinness World Records.

Watch the world record video here:

Since being shared three days ago, the video has received over 1.86 lakh views and more than 10,630 likes. The video has also prompted people to post a flurry of comments.

“If they gave them to people it will be the record for most laptop given for free!” pointed an individual. “What they do to laptops before they hit the stores,” joked another. “2,910 for those not wanting to watch the whole video,” commented a third.

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