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after two years of hiatus due to pandemic, finally we gathered once again in Vicenza, Italy for VO vicenzaoro; the jewellery boutique show! My last trip to Italy was back in September 2019 for September edition of vicenzaoro and it was absolutely a blast to be back and reconnect with everyone in the industry, specially getting reunited with my business partner and best friend, Tracey Ellison, aka TheDiamondsGirl. The show’s main hashtag, #AllATONCE was the appropriate way to address the circumstances and events of the past two years. Originally planned to take place in January 2022 but because of Omicron variant it was postponed to March.

Crisp and fresh air of spring  also added to the allure of the show, specially walking through the main entrance you were greeted by Lorenzo Quinn iconic “GIVE” sculpture which is a symbol of peace, life, love, empathy and sustainability.

Lorenzo Quinn “GIVE” sculpture at the entrance of vicenzaoro

Upon arrival and after providing proof of vaccination (or Super Green Pass) you would enter the wonderful world of gems and jewellery in a very beautiful and intimate setting. With over 1,000 exhibitors spread through various halls, from gemstones and diamonds to gold and finished pieces,  everything was accessible to the trade under one roof for the period of 5 days. There were 300 hosted buyers and 53% of buyers and visitors were from abroad.

The opening ceremony started with Industry Event organized by Italian Exhibition Group, moderated by Marco Carniello, Global Exhibition Director of Jewellery & Fashion of Italian Exhibition Group. Through the following days numerous talk session happened covering variety of topics from trends to sustainability.

Here are some of the highlights of the show:

SCHREINER FINE JEWELLERY 20-carat flawless fancy vivid green diamond ring

UTOPIA Australian South Sea Pearl and Coral broach

GORGOGLIONE 80+carat Zambian emerald

SUTRA tanzanite and diamond bracelet in ceramic

NANIS layers of iconic Ivy necklace

PICCHIOTTI stunning gemstone and diamond rings

GISMONDI 1754 “Genesi” Emerald & Diamond Necklace with Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring

ANAN JEWELS 5-carat each Kite shaped diamond earrings

YOKO LONDON “Royal Wedding” Pearl & Diamond Choker

SCHREINER FINE JEWELLERY 40-carat emerald and diamond ring

To wind down after a full day of gems and jewels, you could either hangout at the entrance of the show for drinks while DJ pumping music through the crowd. Or as Tracey and I did, having a chill dinner at the Oliver restaurant of Golf Hotel Vicenza while enjoying a fabulous ambience with exceptional quality and service. We had a fabulous time with the most hospitable chef and staff who were showering us with exquisite food samples and creating custom plates on request.

Finale to our trip to Vicenza was visiting Museo del Gioiello Vicenza (Museum of Jewelry) which for their fourth edition, they have added another level of perception of the jewels in terms of creating and manufacturing. Throughout the nine exhibition rooms, plus the Director’s Choice, you can find an exquisite selection of Italian jewelry, dedicated to both large fashion houses and small/medium sized companies.

Thank you again vicenzaoro and Italian Exhibition Group for this incredible experience and your outstanding hospitality, see you in September!



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