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Going on a date doesn’t have to be a generic experience. While the company you’re enjoying is the main focus of the date, doing something fun or extraordinary can substantially boost the enjoyment that both of you have on your date. This is why many people try searching for something a little more unique for a date night instead of simply visiting their favorite restaurant again. However, searching for something to do that’s a bit different is not always the easiest of undertakings. To help you with this, we’ve listed a few great date night ideas for you and your partner to enjoy, making this into a very memorable evening.

Dinner In The Dunes
The outskirts of Dubai is a beautiful yet unforgiving environment, with sand dunes stretching far into the distance. While being fairly inhospitable, this can be a very peaceful and relaxing environment with the right preparation. This is where our idea of having dinner in the dunes comes in. There are a number of businesses around the city that offer bespoke dinner packages out in this sandy and private landscape. This can be an extremely romantic setting away from the hustle and bustle of the city and should be a top choice for those looking to spend some intimate one-on-one time getting to know their date without having to worry about dealing with crowds and other noisy guests at a restaurant, for example.

Sunset Cruise
Trading the sand for the sea, you could opt for a beautiful sunset cruise on a luxury yacht. Sailing around the Dubai coastline, you’ll get a perfect picturesque view of the sunset shining along the Persian Gulf. You can enjoy one of these sunset cruises with some light bites and some drinks or perhaps a full meal prepared by a talented chef. This could be an incredibly romantic time for you and your date and is something you’re unlikely to forget.

Enjoy The Night Sky
While it’s not easy to make out the deeper night sky from the middle of a city due to light pollution, there are plenty of areas that are perfect for stargazing in Dubai. You could head out into the desert on a safari and stargazing trip, whether that’s on camel-back or via jeep. Out in the desert, where the cityscape becomes a distant speck, you’ll be greeted with the most stunning views of the night sky above the desert. The twinkling stars above will take your breath away, setting the perfect scene for a romantic evening with your partner or date.Dinner In The Dark
If you’re looking for something a bit quirkier, you could try what is known as “dinner in the dark.” There are a number of venues around the city that welcome their guests in complete darkness. This can be an entertaining evening for you and your friends, but it can also be a very sensual experience for you and your date. Losing the ability to see and relying solely on talking to your date, as well as tasting and smelling the food and drink, can not only offset any anxiety but also helps you to focus on getting to know each other and appreciating the date itself, rather than worrying about how you both look to one another.

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