Pia Moubayed is a content strategist and creator also based in Paris. Her Instagram is filled to the brim with cozy knits, warm tones, and effortless no makeup, makeup looks (sometimes with just a hint of a berry red lip). Moubayed’s skincare routine is simple and straight to the point; focusing on moisture. “I always cleanse then apply a moisturizing cream infused with a serum or oil that targets a specific skin need, then I apply an eye cream and sunscreen.” 

She’s also a reverent fan of serums and is especially fond of ones by French-American brand Odacité and the Lithuanian brand Madara. “I love how efficient they are at targeting specific skin issues, let alone their lovely texture and playfulness (the process of adding them into my day or night cream just makes it all more enjoyable.”

Her biggest skincare challenge has been combating sun damage and signs of aging on the skin. “Since I was a teenager, I’ve been really keen on getting the most long-lasting, intense tan ever (my blood is Lebanese so I have that special relationship to the sun and the sea and love a darker skin tone) so I wouldn’t really protect my skin in the best way. Yet since I’ve turned 25, I’ve started noticing early aging symptoms on my face and chest! So I have backtracked 100% and started using sunscreen on a daily basis summer through winter. I’ve understood that the slower the tanning process is, the longer it will last,” says Moubayed.

She also took the time to describe how French beauty has influenced skincare trends, highlighting cultural perceptions as the main driving force behind the reputation of French women as trendsetters as they’re known, “for their all-natural and self-care based approach to skincare.”

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