16 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Spain

Are you moving to Spain? Before you jump on, make sure you are not missing out on the 4 essential points to consider. 

Life in Spain is a fantasy for many. If you too are fortunate enough to be a part of this flourishing country, don’t forget to start away your journey by considering the following factors: 

  1. Assess Safe Ways to Buy Commodities  

The first thing you will require after reaching Spain is essentials like food, energy supply and a reliable telecommunication network.

Considering that the environment of the foreign country will be new for you, roaming out on streets and finding suitable suppliers is not a good idea. Rather, you can go online shopping and order everything while staying inside. As online shopping is still not 100% safe, don’t make the mistake of trusting any available supplier. To check out their services, review platforms like OpinionsEspana. These platforms give you the opportunity to read reviews, feedback and other experiences from customers. 

There you can access genuine opinions of customers about a variety of services. Hence, by utilizing this option, you can also read up on online shopping and how to safely buy online even when shopping in a new country. 

  1. Learn Some Basic Spanish 

Even if you are moving to a location where most of the expats live, you will require some understanding of Spanish to communicate for basic purposes. Reports shared tell that the fluency in English of Spaniards is still not at optimum levels. So, it is likely that you come across a locality unaware of speaking English. Such situations can make conveying of simple messages like ‘where is?’, ‘How much?’ or greetings etc., a mind-boggling challenge. 

You can either choose to learn some phrases or go with signing up in a language school. Learning Spanish has helped expats in feeling more comfortable with the new culture. Also, it assisted in finding good jobs, renting affordable apartments or understanding the paperwork. 

  1. Get Used to a Different Time Schedule

The schedule in Spain is quite different from other European countries. The businesses there generally have timings of 9 am till 8 pm. While for siesta, a short nap break, the shops close during 2-5 pm. 

For the weekends, you can find shops open on Saturdays but not every service is accessible. One concern of expats is to search for good apartments. Don’t set this target for weekends, as most of the agents especially in Madrid are unavailable on weekends. 

Also, if you are going out to a restaurant, make sure you are following their mealtimes. Spaniards generally take breakfasts between 7:30 to 9:30 am. Their lunchtime is from 2 pm to 4 pm and they take dinner from 9 pm to 11 pm. 

  1. Estimate the Cost of Living 

Evaluation of the financial expenditures you are going to incur after relocation saves you from facing any unexpected situation. 

In Spain, the cost of living is comparatively lower than other European countries. While in the US you will have to pay approximately $750 to $1000 for an apartment, in Spain the same cost is enough to afford an apartment for a month along with all other expenses. 

On average, the rental cost in central cities is €600. But if you move away to a city like Andalusia, the cost can be as low as €200. 

  1. The Bottom Line

Prior preparation is always a better idea before taking any new step. By keeping these aforementioned points in mind, you can easily blend in the new environment and culture of Spain.