Did you know that rings have been used to symbolize love and commitment for over 3,000 years? Throughout the years, styles may change, but the meaning behind the jewelry remains the same.

These days, eternity bands are the perfect way to commemorate a special milestone in your life. Each band is uniquely personal, whether it’s for an anniversary or a child’s birth. It’s a ring that’s meant to last an eternity.

That’s why it’s important to come up with a design that will always bring you joy. We’re here to help you learn about the different types of eternity bands so that you can make the right choice for you!

Half vs Full Eternity Rings

The first thing to consider is the overall structure of your eternity ring. Eternity bands come in two styles: half and full.

They both still symbolize the same everlasting commitment to love and they have similar settings available. However, there are a few key differences.


Instead of having the diamonds encircle the entire band, this style of eternity ring only has the gem setting halfway through the band. This leaves the bottom part of the ring as a simple band without any design, similar to any other type of ring.

Many people choose half-eternity rings because they’re a less expensive option since they’re simpler to make and use fewer gemstones. They’re also easier to clean and easier to adjust the sizing in case your ring size changes throughout the years.

Some people dislike the look of half-eternity rings since they don’t feel that it symbolizes the eternity aspect as well as a full ring.


Full-eternity rings have the same design around the entire band. There is no naked metal to interrupt the line of diamonds. It gives an elegant look to the ring that you can’t replicate any other way.

This full ensemble of beautiful diamonds makes this ring more expensive than its counterpart. Some people also find wearing a full ring to be uncomfortable or awkward at first. Since most rings have smooth bands, it can take some time to adjust to a full eternity band.

If you’re looking for the complete experience of an eternity band, then traditional full-eternity bands are the way to go!

Types of Eternity Bands

Once you’ve chosen which style of band you want, it’s time to look at the more detailed aspects of the ring’s design. Each type gives a unique spin to the overall design of the eternity band.

There are many eternity band options to look through, so make sure to take your time to pick the design that suits you best.


Channel rings give an instant look of elegance. The gemstones sit inside a track that guides the eye in smooth lines.

Due to this seamless style, channel rings are often one of the first jewelry options people look for in an eternity band. The continuous line of gemstone and metal enhances the idea of ‘eternity’ more than other styles.

This beautiful style does make it a more expensive choice. It’s difficult to replace any damaged or lost gemstones because of the thin channels.

The smooth channel setting also makes the ring feel smooth on your skin and never catches on your clothes. That makes it a great setting type for people who don’t want a ring that gets in the way.

This type of eternity ring is the perfect way to show off your lifetime commitment!

Prong Set

The most traditional style of ring is the prong set ring. This is when the diamonds sit inside of a claw, with the metal prongs keeping the gems in place individually.

This makes it much easier to repair or replace the gemstones in case of damage. It also is an easier design to manufacture, which helps in the overall cost.

The metal claws keeping the gemstones in place add extra texture to the design. They make the ring look more intricate, although some people dislike the added texture.

The good thing about the prong setting for eternity bands is that the prongs look like a part of the design. With other types of rings, the prongs look far more out of place. Since eternity rings use a long line of gemstones, the metal prongs don’t stand out as much.

Pave Set

Pave settings use smaller diamonds than other styles and line them up so close to one another that you can’t see anything else. It’s meant to have the same idea as a paved walkway, where stones or tiles are lined up to create a seamless road.

Since the diamonds are smaller in size, it means a pave ring can include many more diamonds in its design. This gives the eternity band an unrivaled sparkle that other styles can’t match. It’s the type of ring that catches the eye and doesn’t let go.

On the other hand, those extra diamonds also make it a more expensive option. With such beauty, it’s often worth the price!


Instead of using a setting to place the diamonds, a cut-down ring takes the metal ring base and cuts small indents into the metal. These cut areas hold the diamonds in place.

This makes it so that the metal of the ring and the diamonds look like one cohesive set. There are no extra bits of metal to distract from the design of the ring.

This also allows even more light to reach the diamonds, letting them show off their natural beauty without fail.

The biggest problem with this style is the fact that the diamonds aren’t as secure as other settings. You’ll want to be more careful with this industrial-inspired style.


A tiered eternity band takes one of the traditional setting types and adds layers to it. For example, instead of a single line of channel set diamonds, you could have several. 

Some people use the tiered style to signify something more specific in their commitment. If you want an eternity ring to commemorate your family, you could get three tiers to symbolize you, your spouse, and your child.

Tiered rings look beautiful no matter what you choose, but some setting styles work better than others. A cut-down setting wouldn’t work as a tiered ring, but pave, channel, and prong settings all look great while keeping the diamonds secure.

The extra material makes tiered rings the most expensive option for an eternity band, but it also allows you to add even more personal meaning to the design.


A curved eternity band curves inward in one area to make way for other rings to sit next to it. This makes it a great choice for wearing alongside a wedding ring. You’ll show off your commitment to eternity while also showing your commitment to your beloved.

Curved eternity rings come in all varieties of styles and designs, as long as you can find a jeweler who adjusts their designs for this purpose. Most curved eternity bands lean on the simpler side so that they work as a whole with other rings rather than steal the show.

If you love wearing jewelry that works with your other favorite gemstone jewelry, then a curved band is the perfect compromise.


Vintage eternity band options are the ones that give a nod to older jewelry eras. This includes eras such as Victorian, Art Deco, and Art Nouveau.

Depending on the era you’ve chosen, the ring could use a variety of different setting types or even a combination.

It’s often difficult to find a jeweler that specializes in this type of eternity ring, which can raise the overall price. The best part about vintage rings is that your chosen era has already stood the test of time. Your ring will hold up throughout the years as well!


If you want the meaning of an eternity band but love wearing jewelry that’s even more unique and funky, then a modern eternity ring is the right choice for you.

The main problem with choosing a modern style is the fact that each jeweler has their own creative take on the idea. This makes finding the right ring a bit of a challenge if you have something specific in mind. However, it also makes the journey more fun if you have an open mind for different styles and interpretations.

There are eternity bands that use hearts to make the circle, use colorful gemstones instead of diamonds, or spell out a person’s name in the diamonds.

You never know what you’ll find with a modern style, so feel free to explore!

Select Eternity Bands That Bring You Joy

The main thing to keep in mind is that there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing between eternity band styles. Eternity bands are all about the meaning behind them. As long as the design speaks to you and your commitment, then it’s the perfect choice for you. 

That’s what makes each eternity ring so special and unique!

Ready to start creating the perfect eternity band? Contact us today to set up an appointment. We’ll help you every step of the way!

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