Niacin, as a Secret Ingredient for Healthy Hair

Vitamin deficiency accompanying winter can provoke excessive hair loss, dullness and brittleness, however, there is a budgetary and effective way to restore curls before the onset of a warmer season of the year.

Niacin, also known as nicotinic acid, has nothing to do with smoking and harm to the body, on the contrary, this substance has a healing effect, is freely sold in pharmacies, and can be used for beauty purposes.

nicotinic acid

Trichologists usually recommend nicotinic acid for the scalp with severe hair loss, excessive oiliness of the scalp, as well as thinness, brittleness and dullness of the hairline. Most often, niacin is sold in ampoules, liquid form, and is applied to the scalp with smooth massaging movements. Niacin improves blood circulation, awakens the growth of the follicle and regulates the sebaceous glands, which removes excess shine from the hair roots, and also glues the scales of curls, thereby giving them shine and silkiness.


Nicotinic acid does not have a direct effect on the hair, only indirectly — through work with the scalp. But as trichologists confirm, there is no healthy hair without a healthy scalp. Because everything that is good for the skin is good for the hair. In this case, it will be an anti-inflammatory and anti-stress action, protection of mitochondria, so we can say that niacinamide will create conditions so that the hair does not fall out and grows healthier. However, do not rely on nicotinic acid for hair growth as a panacea, this remedy only works in combination with other active substances and constant hair care!


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