One2Three Jewelry Best promise rings for her

 То find the perfect promise ring for her is not as difficult as it might seem. It’s easy and enjoyable if you know exactly what to look for. The main idea is to determine which promise ring will be the complement addition to your wardrobe and lifestyle. 

Diamond, ruby or moissanite? Yellow or white gold? Large stone or delicate pavé? So many questions. We made selection Promise Rings models for every taste and budget.

promise rings for her

5 Gorgeous Diamonds Promise Rings for Her


Solitaire Engagement Ring

Solitaire Engagement Ring – 14k gold. natural diamond, round сut, color/clarity – G/VS2, 4 mm, carat weight 0,25

3 Diamond Engagement Ring

3 Diamond Engagement Ring – 14k gold, natural diamonds: center diamond – 4,45 mm, side  –  3.5 mm, round сut, color/clarity – G / VVS 2, carat weight – 0.66 CT

Diamond Promise Ring

Diamond Promise Ring – 14k gold, natural diamonds, center diamond – 4,5 mm, side  – 2.0 mm, 1.5 mm, carat weight – 0.36 CT, round сut, color/clarity – F/VS1

Diamond Cluster Ring

Diamond Cluster Ring – 14k gold, 8 LAB (HPHT) diamonds, color/clarity – F/VVS, round сut (1X5 mm, 1X3,5 mm, 2X2,5 mm, 2X1,53 mm, 2X0,4 mm)

Promise Ring

Promise Ring – 14k gold, natural diamonds, center diamond – 3,5 mm, total weight 0,23 carats, round сut, color/clarity – F/VS1

3 Elegant Gold Promise Rings for Her

Round Moissanite Engagement Ring

Round Moissanite Ring – 14k gold, moissanite: 6,5 mm, carat weight – 1 CT, 18 natural diamonds), color/clarity – F/VS1, size 1 mm, round сut  

Diamond Eternity Band


Diamond Eternity Promise Band – 14k gold, central diamond –  F/VS1, size 4,5 mm, round сut, carat weight 0,36 CT. side 16 diamonds: color/clarity – F/VS1, size 1,2 mm, round сut 

Aquamarine Promise Ring

Aquamarine Promise Ring – 14k gold, natural blue aquamarine 3,5 mm, 4 natural diamonds 1,25 mm (carat weight 0,032), round сut, color/clarity – F/VS1

3 Novel Rose Gold Promise Rings for Her

Rose Gold Promise Ring

Rose Gold Promise Ring – 14k gold, natural diamonds: 1 solo (3 mm) and 6 small (1 mm), round сut, color/clarity – F/VS1

Rose Gold Cluster Ring

Rose Gold Cluster Promise Ring – 14k gold, 10 natural diamonds, round сut, clarity F/VS, carat weight 0.218

Sapphire Floral Ring

Sapphire Floral Ring – 14k gold, natural sapphire 5 mm. carat weight 0.7 CT, 6 (1,5 mm) natural diamonds, round сut, clarity F/VS

3 Simple and Cheap Promise Rings for Her

One Diamond Ring

One Diamond Promise Ring14k gold, natural diamond, 1,5 mm, round сut, color/clarity – F/VS1

Simple Promise Ring

Simple Promise Ring – 14k gold, center 2.5 mm natural diamond, side: 6 natural 1 mm diamonds, round сut, clarity F/VS1

Dainty Ruby Ring

Dainty Promise Ruby Ring – 14k gold, 4 natural rubies and 5 natural diamonds, total carat weight 0.188, round сut, clarity F/VS

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