Study shows the rise of ‘SLICK’ fashion is well underway in Gen Z – Retail Focus

The rise of ‘SLICK’ fashion is well underway among Gen Z, a study shows.  According to research from SQLI Digital Experience, more consumers are choosing to purchase second-hand and upcycled clothing items.

Though, there is a demand for wanting the pre-loved items swiftly – combining slow fashion with quick delivery expectations.


An overwhelming three quarters (76%) of adults want to see fashion brands offering a mix of new and pre-loved clothing. The research also shows that more than a quarter (26%) of adults want to receive the clothes on the same day.  Fashion marketplaces such as Depop are leading the way as people can buy second-hand items and receive them as soon as the seller can send them.  There is now a demand for people wanting to be able to buy both second-hand clothing and new items from the same place.

More than two in five (42%) of Brits think retailers should offer a platform for reselling items from the brand and a further 31% of adults want to go onto a site and see multiple items that are pre-owned and new to buy a mixture. From these potential resale sites, people would like to see multiple pictures (54%), more information on the product such as materials used (48%), a size guide from the brand (47%) and reviews from the previous owner (34%).

There is also a big opportunity for Charity shops to be a part of the ‘SLICK’ fashion movement by moving their second-hand clothing shops online.

The research shows that almost two-thirds of adults (60%), would love to be able to buy more second-hand clothing and they would purchase from a shop if it had an online website. There is a clear demand for second-hand clothing as the research suggests, with 68% of adults having bought pre-owned clothing and a further one in ten (10%) plan to do so in the future.

Jonty Sutton, UK CEO of SQLI, said: “The rise of the sustainably conscious Gen Z generation is driving the suggest of reselling platforms like Depop. And as consumers are feeling the pinch with the cost-of-living crisis they are going to be even more mindful in how they spend their money.

“Circular fashion is better for the planet but can be better for business too. Building a reselling platform into your site can not only help to drive more sales but help encourage customers to be more sustainable.

“Offering rewards or credit for selling items through your platform that can be used towards buying that new item they have their eye on will keep customers on your site, but also allow people the opportunity to spot if a previously sold-out item is available second hand.

“This is the next step in brand adaptation to stay in line with consumer shopping habits.”


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