4 Unexpectedly Cool Trends Coming at Us This Summer

There are plenty of chic trends for the taking this summer 2020 (aka styles that we can still relish in throughout quarantine)—from long shorts, elevated raffia bags, uplifting tie-dye, runway-inspired crochet, and playful puff sleeves. These trends skip merrily hand in hand with the casual and free-spirited nature of summer. But today, our focus is on the more unexpected summer trends that have been dominating our Insta feeds of late. Call them micro-trends if you will—these unique looks are wonderfully unpredictable and have been embraced by the fashion set, causing a ripple effect on the ‘gram. 

Read on to see the unexpectedly cool trends coming at us this summer 2020 and shop them for yourself.

Tennis, But Make It Fashion

Preppy tennis outfits have been gaining major momentum on Instagram, with pleated tennis skirts, in particular, winning over fashion girls. It’s a welcome alternative to leggings and sweats.

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A Loungewear Brand for the Effortlessly Cool

Some products show up everywhere: subway ads, Instagram, celeb endorsements. With this series, we’re testing such products to conclude one thing: Does it live up to the hype?

hype meter entireworld

Entireworld has become one of the most coveted brands for something on everyone’s minds (err, bodies) lately: sweatsuits. Their pastel-hued sweatpants and sweatshirts, which have been seen on some of the most famous people on Instagram and IRL, can’t stop selling out.

hype meter

Let’s be real for a second: By now, your favorite pair of jeans is probably collecting dust, while you don yet another pair of sweatpants to your next Zoom meeting. There’s no shame in that, especially since we’re all stuck inside for the time being — but since we’re all wearing sweats, why not make them a little more fashionable?

That’s where Entireworld steps in. This loungewear brand’s aesthetically pleasing sweatsuits and fashion-savvy founder, Scott Sternberg, have been

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