Day: June 18, 2020

Consumer Behavior Insights and Retention Strategies

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In a WWD-produced webinar, Sherene Hilal, senior vice president of marketing and operations at the retail technology solution Bluecore, joined WWD executive editor Arthur Zaczkiewicz in discussing expedited digital trends, how brands are able to drive recovery with consumer behavior insights, and retention strategies.

With a nearly 150 percent increase in first-time buyers online, compared to April 2019, luxury and beauty retailers are experiencing an opportunity to optimize digital strategies for retention beyond acquisition and meaningful lifetime value. In fact, during the coronavirus pandemic retailers across industries have experienced a huge digital shift, driving trends on the tipping point into fruition. According to Hilal, the 50/50 online/off-line shift is now a permanent reality.

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Hilal also pointed out that while many, or most, retailers were preparing to make investments for e-commerce to represent about 15 percent of sales in January

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