Day: July 2, 2020

Pierpaolo Piccioli Gets It Done

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In ordinary times, Pierpaolo Piccioli would almost certainly have made a brief sojourn to New York in June. He would have presented his resort collection for Valentino before rushing back home — to Rome and the idyllic-sounding, commuting-distance town of Nettuno, where he lives with his family — to ready his couture and men’s collections.

These times are anything but ordinary. Like so many others, Piccioli has spent the spring and early summer sequestered, reinventing work processes in the era of work-from-home. Early on, it was about figuring it all out. Then, it was about getting it done. Piccioli seems to have fared just fine because this week he’s “presenting” two collections, resort first and then couture. Resort will break when Valentino posts the collection’s campaign pictures to social media on Monday. Not just any campaign shoot, mind you, but one he shot,

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