As we move closer into the holidays, consumers expectations rise. Where shopping online were once “nice-to-haves,” they are now mission critical. Retail locations of all shapes and sizes need remote solutions than can empower customer and associate interaction, provide flexible access, and enable it all with end-to-end security.

So why do retailers choose Cisco to keep their physical and digital enterprise optimized for end-to-end experiences? 

Retail consumers expect seamless, personalized experiences across every touch point. Cisco provides capabilities to augment customers’ multichannel shopping preferences, build brand loyalty, and equip associates. 

2. Scale and speed are in demand 

Connected. Mobile. Tech savvy. Customers want enhanced experiences, knowledgeable associates, and embedded security in every interaction. Meeting that demand takes a modern network that is constantly learning, adapting, and protecting. 

3. Safety and security are high priority 

While hackers and bad actors love retail, there’s no reason to love them back. Prioritize customer and associate safety, safeguard goods, and build loyalty with solutions from Cisco. 

4. Retail isn’t where we are, it’s what we do 

Get hybrid work to work for retail. Empower your entire business with the agility needed to delight your customers. With Cisco Hybrid Work, you can support retail associates at home, in the store, or anywhere. 

5. Every retail touch point matters 

Customers demand the convenience of shopping whenever and wherever. Cisco’s application monitoring solutions give you visibility and insights into every digital moment of your customers’ retail experience. 

6. Innovation opens new channels 

The retail landscape is changing rapidly, making continual innovation highly important. Cisco’s comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions and our extensive partner ecosystem can help keep retailers ready for new opportunities.  


Upgrade your network for what’s now, and what’s next, in retail.



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