All Stars 7 contestant Raja responds to Drag Race criticisms


RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars favourite Raja Gemini isn’t fazed by the criticisms she’s received from her contemporaries.

Violet Chachki and Gottmik replaced the drag queen as hosts of Fashion Photo RuView, but instead of gracefully taking over her duties, they shared a few cutting words about Raja’s early costumes.

In response, she told Entertainment Weekly that it’s all love while she’s enjoying being “booked and blessed” in her career.

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World of Wonder

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“This is the last time I’m ever going to be on RuPaul’s Drag Race ever in my life, so, I’m just focused on the positive and, no, I haven’t had a conversation with [Violet and Gottmik] at all. I’ve just been surrounding myself with other things.

“There’s so much! They’re busy, they’re booked and blessed as well, I’ve been watching them, I follow both of them on Instagram,” she said.

Was that confirmation of her impending exit or mere speculation tickling?

Raja then jokingly clarified: “Right now, at this point, I’m saying it’s a declaration. It’s such a hard thing to do, and I live a life of leisure, and I hate being inconvenienced.

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Wow Presents Plus

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“It’s so hard to do Drag Race. It’s stressful, but I can’t see myself doing that ever again right now. I’m saying that today. You never know, I might get a call from Randy [Barbato] and Fenton [Bailey] of World and Wonder like, ‘We’re going to do another one!’

“You never know, I might change my mind, but today I’d say it’s not a possibility,” the reality TV star reiterated.

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars airs on Paramount+ in the US and streams on WOW Presents Plus in the UK.

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