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Ifx brokers:

IFX Brokers is a South African-based internet trading company. Its foundation is built on commitment, transparency, and trust, which are the company’s key principles.

IFX Brokers is associated with Nasdaq and its association is denoted with a symbol ND100.  It uses Equinox, a Nasdaq listing concern to make this association possible.

The company offers private and institutional traders a one-stop trading and investment experience by offering the cutting-edge MetaTrader 4 trading platform for online trading of a variety of financial instruments such as FX, indices, commodities, energy metals, futures, and more.


The Nasdaq Stock Market is a New York-based American stock market. After the New York Stock Exchange, it is rated second on the list of stock exchanges by market capitalization of shares traded.

Benefits of IFX’s association with NASDAQ:

  • The key benefits of a company listing on the Nasdaq market are lower listing fees and lower minimum listing criteria. Many traders believe the fact that Nasdaq offers all-electronic trading to be a benefit.
  • The Nasdaq’s lower minimum listing standards make it easier for new, smaller businesses to become listed on a major exchange. To be listed on the Nasdaq exchange by 2020, a company must have earned more than $11 million in the previous three years and issue at least 1.25 million shares of stock with a market value of at least $45 million. 1 The NYSE listing standards, on the other hand, stipulate that the company’s total outstanding share value must be greater than $100 million. 2
  • Nasdaq was the world’s first all-electronic stock exchange. This appears to be a benefit as electronic trading becomes more common on trade platforms around the world. The NYSE still employs specialists, who are genuine people who operate on the exchange’s floor and purchase and sell enormous blocks of stock. While the NYSE may argue that its use of specialists to guide trades is superior, investors appear to prefer the faster execution provided through straight electronic trading.

Benefits of using IFX Brokers:

  • The broker distinguishes itself by providing private and institutional clients with a comprehensive and feature-rich trading and investment experience that includes access to global markets and a wide range of asset classes and tradable instruments.
  • IFX Brokers NASDAQ is a South African broker that competes with some of the greatest worldwide Forex brokers, driven by service excellence, a diverse variety of investment offerings, cutting-edge technology, and competitive spreads.
  • In terms of the trading experience, the broker is always updating its instruments in order to provide traders with a better, lower-cost trading experience via innovative trading platforms with competitive top-tier liquidity and spreads.
  • The broker offers private and institutional clients a one-stop trading and investment experience by offering the highly advanced MetaTrader 4 trading platform for online trading of different financial products such as FX, indices, commodities, energy, metals, futures, and more.
  • To that purpose, the broker offers a wide selection of products, including CFDs, commodities, Forex, and futures, as well as trustworthy, exceptionally rapid trade execution with no dealing desk interaction.
  • MetaTrader 4 and MT4 Mobile for smartphones and tablets are part of the broker’s online trading platform, which is powered by Equinix.
  • As a result, IFX Meta Trader 4 offers better charting capabilities as well as advanced order management facilities. It also offers a multilingual interface, thorough analysis, and many chart configuration options.


This article provides a descriptive analysis of IFX association’s with NASDAQ. IFX Brokers is a well-rounded option for traders of all experience levels, from novice to expert. The broker provides a feature-rich trading interface, a diverse asset portfolio, narrow spreads and low commissions, as well as a safe trading environment.