From Gossip Girl to K-pop, Schoolboy-Inspired Style Remains a Classic in Fashion and Pop Culture


Sometimes portrayed with an ironic edge and in some cases virtually, school aesthetics are a regular in fashion and media. In addition to Miu Miu’s viral skirt, icons like Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf, Britney Spears in “Infant A single Extra Time,” and extra presently, K-pop group IVE are some of the most preferred examples of the university uniform permeating mainstream style. 

Although apparel just isn’t limited by gender, it appears that pop lifestyle has generally favored depiction — and even fetishization — of the stereotypical schoolgirl archetype, prompting pleated skirts, cropped sweater vests, knee-higher socks, and bows to development. But what about the schoolboy look? The portrayals and impact of what is typically termed schoolboy-motivated model — assume ties, blazers, knee-length shorts, and letter shirts — are by far fewer talked about. Nonetheless, that’s not to say pop society has not shipped noteworthy illustrations of the schoolboy look. 

On movie, for occasion, Lifeless Poets Society (1989) — which you’ve most likely observed making the rounds as a single of the cornerstones of Dark Academia aesthetics — introduced the common boarding university wardrobe. In addition to “Tradition, Willpower, Honor, and Excellence,” the learners of Welton Academy flaunted stylish closets that turned into a very well-rounded information to schoolboy type. V-neck sweaters, tailor-made blazers, Oxford shirts, as properly as letter sweatshirts, ties, and loafers designed Knox Overstreet, Neil Perry, and friends, enduring figures continue to deserving of social media tributes nowadays.

Francois Duhamel/Getty Images

The styles of St. Jude School’s pupils Nate Archibald, Chuck Bass, and Dan Humphrey in seasons 1 and 2 of The CW’s Gossip Lady were equally timeless. Crafted by costume designer Eric Daman, just about every of the character’s designs showcased a diverse choose on Higher East Side college vogue. Whilst outsider Dan went for a basic and understated search, typically accompanied by crossbody bags and get the job done boots, Golden Boy Nate favored outdated money aesthetics and rumpled garments — for an included effect of nonchalance. On the other hand, fashionista Chuck Bass demonstrated his knack for dandy statements, incorporating vibrant overcoats and scarves to his outfits. With a exclusive way of sporting their uniforms, the fellas of Gossip Female became icons for their respective school tropes.


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