How to make bikini bottoms more cheeky?

You can make your bikini bottoms more “cheeky” without revealing your butts in a few different ways. One option is to get a new set of bottoms with a lower rise and a cut that exposes more skin. You can even go for a more scandalous look by cutting the sides of your underwear yourself. Finally, consider wearing a thong bikini bottom if you want to flaunt your goods. Make sure you’re at ease in your new, cheekier bikini bottom before going any further.

How to Make Your Bikini Bottoms Cheeky

You can do a few things to make your bikini bottoms look cheeky. To begin, consider wearing a thong beneath them. This will assist in providing the impression of less coverage. You may also try scrunching them up or putting them in a knot for a more naughty effect. Finally, select high waisted cheeky bikini that is already cheeky.

How to Make Cheeky Bikinis Fit Better

If you want to wear cheeky bikini bottoms, ensure they fit properly. There are a few things you can do to help them fit better. First, try going up a size. This will assist in ensuring that they are not overly tight. Remember to pick the best fabric for your swimwear to provide enough coverage. You may also try scrunching or putting them in a knot to achieve a more flattering fit. Finally, select a style that is already cheeky.

Tips for wearing cheeky swimsuit bottoms

Here are some suggestions for wearing a skimpy bikini:

Make sure you get the right size – Getting the perfect fit for a cheeky bikini is essential. A bikini that is too tight will be unpleasant, while a bikini that is too loose will not remain in place.

Choose the proper style for your body type. If you are self-conscious about your stomach, go for a more covered style. Pair cheeky bikini bottoms with an inverted triangle top for a trendy style.

Accessorize your bikini with beautiful sunglasses or a sarong. This will aid in the creation of a cohesive aesthetic.

Have fun and feel at ease – Remember to enjoy yourself! A sassy bikini is all about having fun and soaking up the rays of the summer sun. Above all, ensure that you are comfortable and confident in your bikini. This is the most effective approach to pull off any appearance.

These are just a few pointers for rocking a racy bikini. Remember to have fun and experiment with different styles until you discover one you like.

The Benefits of Wearing Cheeky Swimsuit Bottoms

There are several benefits to wearing cheeky bikinis. So, consider wearing a cheeky bikini bottom if you want to spice up your beachwear.

Extend your legs

It’s time to buy some cheeky bikinis to show off your legs. Because they are cut open from the hips, they might make your legs appear longer.

Suitable for all body types

They look great on almost every body shape. Whatever your body type, you will always find something that flatters you.

Make your curves stand out

They flatter your contours more than standard bikini bottoms. They do this by emphasizing your curves and creating the appearance of a larger butt.


They are comfier in general than other forms of bikini bottoms. Contrary to popular belief, cheeky bikinis provide more coverage and are ideal for keeping you comfortable throughout the day.

Excellent for tanning

If you want to spend time in the sun, it’s time to invest in some sassy bikinis. They are excellent tanning agents since they do not create tan lines on the skin.

Exciting and seductive

If you want to expose some flesh, the best option is a cheeky bikini. They are just more enjoyable and seductive to wear!

What is considered a cheeky bikini bottom?

A cheeky bikini bottom is a swimwear that exposes more of your butt than standard bikini bottoms. They are often tailored to sit lower on your hips, giving the appearance of a longer and thinner physique. Furthermore, cheeky bottoms frequently have higher leg openings, which helps to stretch your legs.

How to Choose the Best Cheeky Bikini Bottom for Your Body Type

There are several cheeky bikini bottoms available at Kameymall. When picking one for your body type, there are several factors to consider. Here are some tips:

Pear body: If you have a pear-shaped physique, search for bottoms with side ruching or gathering. This will make your waist look smaller and your hips larger.

Petite frame:

  1. Avoid too-revealing bottoms.
  2. Avoid fabric that makes you seem drowned.
  3. Choose a pair with a higher-leg cut and lighter fabric instead.

Plus-size: Look for high-waist pants. This gives the appearance of a smaller waist and longer legs. To avoid skin irritation, make sure the cloth is elastic.

Sporty body: Choose cheeky pants with a low waist if you’re athletic. This will elongate your legs and highlight your curves.

Hourglass: You may wear any cheeky bottom if you have an hourglass physique. So it doesn’t ride up during swimming, make sure it fits snugly.

These are guidelines for picking a cheeky bathing suit for your body type. Have fun, and choose a style that makes you feel secure.

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