tyler joe street style

Tyler Joe

Street style and runway collections are a bit like the quandary, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” Both sartorial endeavors inform each other, evolving and intermingling exponentially with every season. The line between IRL style and designer catwalks becomes blurrier and blurrier every season, but one thing remains clear: the fashion seen on the streets of Paris Fashion Week is a major source of inspiration for getting dressed. Need a new way to accessorize a suit? Attendees outside Dior have you covered. How about some creative ways to color clash? Friends of Bottega Veneta know a thing or two about bold mashups. Or take a pro lesson in how to dress as a group of friends, where showgoers’ outfits complement—not compete with—each other.

Ahead, look through the lens of ELLE’s resident photographer Tyler Joe as he captures what editors, influencers, and models are wearing around the City of Lights. And be sure to rendezvous here daily—we’ll be updating this gallery as PFW continues.

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