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Each and every working day it appears like a different new natural beauty component is trending in the globe of pores and skin treatment. Have you ever felt underwhelmed by a skin treatment component that other people today adore and buzz up? On the most up-to-date episode of Sure Whut, Zoe and fellow splendor fanatic Mandy give us a lowdown on some of the most typical ingredients in K-Attractiveness, and regardless of whether they locate them overhyped or underrated. 

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You have likely heard about ginseng from K-Dramas or seen this luxurious herb at eating places this sort of as in tea blended with honey, but it’s extra than a food stuff and beverage ingredient. Long before this ingredient turned the rage in K-Magnificence, ginseng has been usually utilised in regular medicine in East Asia for generations. Ginseng is a preferred organic dietary supplement and superfood identified for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. If you want to raise skin’s hydration and enhance indicators of growing older, ginseng may be your new go-to skin care ingredient!


Snail Mucin

Also recognised as “snail slime,” snail mucin is one particular of the buzziest components in the pores and skin treatment entire world, notably in K-Elegance. When it’s not a wonder ingredient, incorporating snail mucin-infused merchandise into your everyday pores and skin treatment regime will give moisturizing advantages that are primarily great for all those with drier skin style. For ideal benefits, consider combining this component with other skin care staples for highest hydrating benefits. 



Glycerin is a person of those components you will locate in quite a few skin treatment merchandise, but someway it is not as common as other trendy skin care substances. A person of the most powerful humectants applied in skin care formulations, this component can remain in pores and skin for a while to present extensive-long lasting hydration. Glycerin is generally discovered in encounter cleansers, hand creams, serums and toners. This ingredient can be simply included into your typical skin treatment routine. 


Fermented Extracts

As much as skin treatment components are worried, fermented extracts are between the most deserving anti-growing old powerhouse substances to include in your skin care collection. Probiotic elements are quickly absorbed into skin and offer a selection of added benefits. Fermented extracts supply pores and skin-protecting and anti-ageing consequences that assistance minimize the visual appeal of fine traces and wrinkles. Moreover, fermented extract-infused goods leave a easy, non-sticky complete, producing these formulation beautifully suited for folks with oily and combination pores and skin kinds. 


Hyaluronic Acid

No matter if you’re a pores and skin care junkie or not, you’ve almost certainly read about the cult-fave pores and skin treatment ingredient hyaluronic acid. Some men and women may take into account it an overhyped skin treatment ingredient. A the greater part of skin care products that contains this moisturizing agent highlight that it’s one of the very best dampness-retaining elements out there. Experts say that hyaluronic acid is important in keeping skin’s humidity ranges for healthful and plump skin. Hyaluronic acid is compatible with all pores and skin varieties and ages, and targets a range of pores and skin concerns these types of as dryness, signals of aging and acne-vulnerable pores and skin.



This underrated component is greatly touted as the following significant issue in skin treatment, and both equally Zoe and Mandy are fans. Ceramides are essential in fortifying the skin’s outermost layer by improving upon the skin’s general texture and hydration degrees. Ceramides are generally key elements in facial area creams. Products and solutions made up of ceramide are also excellent formulation to arrive at for when treating pores and skin ailments like eczema, sensitive pores and skin and irritation. If you want to realize organization, sleek, bright and radiant pores and skin, convert to ceramides. 


Zoe and Mandy’s Favourite Skin Treatment Merchandise


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