Sapphire Origin Explained: How We Source Ethical Sapphires From Around The World


How do you deal with traceability?

I supply sapphires from all around the earth, but in most abroad international locations, origin is not that dependable – occasionally marketplaces in Sri Lanka will have Sri Lankan and Madagascar tough sapphires all combined alongside one another. Individuals are so invested in this plan of origin, but the fact is, except if you pulled it out of the ground oneself, you can never ever be 100% sure. Stones get blended up along the way, and several stones are indistinguishable from each other. Even labs that say they can distinguish – you can choose the same stone to three diverse labs and get a few distinctive origins.

Obtaining explained that, I have a few suppliers that possess their personal mines and lapidaries – they dig the rough out of the floor, they lower it, and I obtain it instantly from them. This is the most traceable possibility from these regions.

Other stones I get from sellers who resource domestically from known mines and then I obtain from them and have the stones reduce. We have a fantastic stage of have confidence in with our suppliers and we hope we’re having what they say they’re providing us. Extended-standing associations are a way to make sure that, but yet again, there is no guarantee.

When you’re sourcing abroad, there is an moral accountability to communicate to that uncertainty – to say “to the greatest of my information, this is where by it will come from”, fairly than stating definites that you just can’t warranty. For me, ethics is also about treating my suppliers perfectly, asking thoughts, currently being truthful and clear, and in no way generating guarantees or promises that I can not validate.

What does moral sourcing glance like in Sri Lanka & Madagascar?

Portion of the discussion that persons really don’t want to converse about – these are people and true men and women mining these stones and they are relying on that cash flow to survive. Ethical sourcing to me is about supporting the community economic climate and ensuring (to the greatest of your expertise) that no individuals are remaining harmed in the mining of sapphires.

In general, sapphires are not large-conflict stones – they’re mined regionally and they guidance the area economic climate of those source regions. I try to maintain the prosperity in Sri Lanka by shopping for the stones and owning them lower there. Carrying out as much processing within the supply countries can help to retain the most price in that resource place.

I have very long-standing relationships with my suppliers and it is significant to me to aid these compact, nearby suppliers. Specially for some of my abroad vendors, mining is their livelihood so I try to retain a reliable move of business enterprise heading their way.


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