The 60 best sustainable clothing brands to wean you off fast fashion |  Euronews

You don’t have to be a superhero. You don’t have to change the world on your own. If you want to actively contribute to saving the planet, sometimes it is enough to take one step. Choose to buy Eco-friendly clothing. It is a very good option to do good to the planet. In this article, we will see some popular brands of eco-friendly clothes.

The importance of using environmentally friendly clothing

Thanks to what I explained to you, we advise you to try to reduce your purchases in fast fashion stores. As alternatives to these brands, we recommend that you use eco-friendly and environmentally friendly clothing, which is why we’ve selected a few stores below that meet these requirements so you can discover them.

What is eco-friendly clothing?

Ecological clothes are those made with quality raw materials and without the use of pesticides or chemicals harmful to the environment and the consumer. In general, eco-friendly clothing has a much lower impact on the environment than fast fashion clothing and is a better choice for the environment.

Why is it important to wear eco-friendly clothes?

Below are some of the reasons why we think we should consider:

• Eat clothes in an ethical way

• To combat child exploitation

• Regarding human and labor rights

• To respect the environment

• To have better quality clothes

• To have clothes with greater durability

Eco-Friendly brands

Fortunately today, there are a large number of organic brands with a philosophy that is friendly to the planet and people. Below, we mention a top 10 of some of the brands that we have tested and that we advise you.

1.     Reformation

The Reformation brand even reformed the fashion industry. His collections are born in a sewing factory in Los Angeles, using only durable materials. Would you like to know the impact on the environment that you choose to wear Reformation clothes? Each Reformation garment is listed with a reference code that measures exactly the amount of water and carbon dioxide saved in its manufacture.

Prices for Reformation creations range from $ 100 to $ 400.

2.     H&M Conscious

Perhaps the most well-known and beloved brand on the market is the Swedish clothing company H&M. Due to its commitment to sustainability, H&M is one of the few fashion brands that strive to be competitive in responsible clothing production. H&M uses durable materials, recycled polyester, and organic cotton in its collections.

3.     Converse Renew

Let’s talk about one of the fan favorites, Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star. Originally designed for basketball players, they remain extremely relevant even a century after launch. Apart from the low-cut version introduced in 1957, this basic sports car did not change much until 2019.

In 2019, the brand launched its Renew collection, something they started working on four years earlier.

According to their website, they start by collecting leftovers, an example being the cotton cloth of the factories. The cotton is then mixed with polyester and turned into yarn, thus creating the basis for its famous canvas. The result is a new pair of chucks, with a unique pattern and texture, which do not need additional dyes! The sole is also made of recycled rubber, giving it a distinct spotted pattern.

4.     Timberland

As for the manufacturers of outdoor activities and outdoor clothing, we could not exclude Timberland from our organic list. A brand that wins the hearts of innovative fashionistas almost every day, you defend that sustainable fashion is, without a doubt, a necessity from an environmental perspective. Considering the overall degradation of our planet and the negative effects of climate change, they are fighting for change, making it clear that this is due to our community and future generations.

5.     Napapijri

A brand that, without a doubt, has taken over more and more the outside world, Napapijria decided to combine state-of-the-art technology, state-of-the-art design, and sustainability to create the latest eco-friendly piece, the Skidoo jacket. Made entirely of ECONYL, a recycled nylon material derived from fishing nets and other materials, this jacket marks a real commitment to the company’s circular innovations.