Top 5 Wholesale Watch Suppliers In Mexico

If you are looking for a profitable product, then selling watches online would be a good option. It is estimated that the watch industry will grow to $9.3 billion by 2025. And this article will discuss the best 5 wholesale watch supplier in Mexico.

Wholesale Watch Suppliers

Wholesale Watch Supplier in Mexico

1. Nihaojewelry

Nihaojewelry is a leading wholesale watch supplier in Mexico. They offer the best watches at wholesale prices and provide their customers with excellent customer service. Located in China, they have a show room and warehouse in Mexico City, and specialize in exporting fine jewelry and watches to countries like the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia. The company aims to provide its clients with high-quality products at the lowest possible price.

This watch wholesaler has served their clients for over 9 years and has built a solid reputation for delivering top-quality products that meet or exceed their expectations. They provide a wide range of women’s watches, men’s watches, and kids’ watches at all price points to offer their customers an incredible variety of designs and styles at low prices.

nihaojewelry-watch wholesale supplier in Mexico

Pros for Nihaojewelry

These are some of the advantages of buying a watch from Nihaojewelry:

Quality: This is one of the reasons why people prefer to buy watches from Nihaojewelry. They have a reputation for making good quality products, and it is easy to see why. They have been in business for many years and have built their reputation by providing excellent service and reliable, durable, affordable products.

Innovation: The company has a dedicated team of Chinese designers who constantly come up with new ideas for designs. This means you will always find something new in their collection of watches each year. You can rest assured that you will always have choices when shopping at this store.

Variety: Even if you do not want to buy an exquisite timepiece, you will still be able to find something to suit your taste at Nihaojewelry. Whether you are looking for multi-functional smartwatches or trendy wristwatches, Nihao is the best place to shop!

Fast shipping: Delivery is 48 hours from Nihao warehouse in Mexico.

Cons for Nihaojewelry

Here are some cons for Nihaojewelry:

1. Although there is no minimum order quantity required on the Nihaojewelry website. However, if you would like to get items from their Mexican warehouse, the minimum order amount is $2,000 pesos.

2. Not all items can be shipped from the Mexican warehouse. Nihao has warehouses in both China and Mexico. The Mexican warehouse only stocks the best selling items. So if you purchase a watch that is shipped from China, it may take longer to ship.

2. TiempoMania

TiempoMania is one of Mexico’s most popular watch suppliers. They have a huge selection of watches for men, women, and children. Their high-quality products are made with the latest technology, and they can guarantee you will not find any other better quality watches on the market. They work with top brands like Casio, Tommy Hilfiger, Armani, Fossil, and many more. Their products are all made of the finest materials, which means you can rest assured that your watch will last many years.

They also offer custom watches at very affordable prices, so if you want something different, they can make it happen. Even if you need to personalize it with your company’s logo, they can do that.

Tiempomania watch wholesale supplier

Pros for TiempoMania

Here are some Pros for TiempoMania:

One of the main advantages of TiempoMania is that it has a wide range of products, over 150,000. The company has been servicing customers for decades and has accumulated a wealth of experience in this field.

Another advantage of TiempoMania is its excellent reputation among its customers. This company has always offered high-quality products at affordable prices, making it a favorite among consumers.

The third advantage of TiempoMania is that it provides original brands with laser engraving and logo customization services.

Cons for TiempoMania

Branded watches products are highly-priced. It may not be suitable for small business owners with low budgets.

Another con is that the site needs a customer service phone number or email address listed on its website. You will need to contact customer service by email or social media if you have any questions about your order or any issues.

3. The Pink Room

The Pink Room is another great wholesale watch supplier in Mexico. They can provide you with quality products at competitive prices.

The Pink Room not only sells luxury watches but also offers accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, and other accessories that go well with your new watch. They have many different styles from which you can choose so that you can find one that suits your needs perfectly.

the pink room wholesale watch vendor

Pros for The Pink Room

They are fashionable and you can match them with your outfit or clothes to make them look more stylish and elegant.

They are affordable. Wholesale watches are priced as low as 99 Mexican pesos.

Cons for The Pink Room

The minimum order quantity is $3,000 Mexican pesos.

The product range is smaller than the previous two sites.

Ordering is a little tricky and requires a quote to The Pink Room first.

4. La Casa del Reloj

La Casa del Reloj is a wholesale fashion watch store that combines style and quality. As a wholesale watch supplier in Guadalajara, Mexico it sells watches and smartwatches under the Zeit, Nu Nordic, Clōe and Casio brands at affordable prices. Their team of professionals has the extensive product knowledge, which enables us to provide our clients with the best selection of products and services possible.

They specialized in providing you with the best prices, variety and styles of watches so you can offer your customers a different selection. They also offer free shipping worldwide on all orders over $2,500.00 Mexican pesos.

la casa del reloj

Pros for La Casa del Reloj

You can get a great deal on the watch you want. When you buy a watch through an online store, you can find the best price for that model and look at all options.

They offer a custom service where your branding can be laser printed on the watch dial, clasp, clock back or strap.


Delivery time is 5 to 7 working days after confirmation of your payment.

The minimum order amount is 799.00 Mexican pesos.

5. Promo watch

Promo watch is one of Mexico’s wholesale watch suppliers. They can provide you with all the best watches at very reasonable prices. If you want to buy wholesale watches in Mexico, Promo watch is one of the best places to go. They have a wide range of different models with different prices so that you can find something for everyone on your list. TIMEX, CITIZEN, BULOVA, NAUTICA, HUGO BOSS and other branded watches are on sale at their website. And they always provide personalized attention from the beginning to after-sales.


Pros for Promo watch

Customize your own watch design. They offer UV printing, diamond dot engraving, laser engraving and other personalized services. You can design your own watch and make it as unique as you want.

High-quality replacement batteries with 1 year warranty. All watches come with a 1 year warranty against mechanical damage.

Cons for Promo watch

It is not possible to get the price of the watches from the website or to order from the website. You need to contact them via WhatsApp, Instagram or phone to order.

How to choose the right wholesale watch supplier?

Plan your business

How much is your budget? Who is the target market? These will determine what watches you will resell wholesale, luxury watches, designer watches or cheap watches? Filter the right wholesale watch supplier based on your target audience.

Don’t limit yourself to local watch wholesalers

Local watch vendors are certainly trustworthy, but you can also attend industry trade shows, join social media groups that fit your niche or goggle online wholesalers! An international watch wholesaler or distributor will probably offer you a wider range of styles and cheaper prices.

Screening the right wholesale watch suppliers

Go through the watch catalogs provided by the vendors and contact them online or by phone to find out if the product categories, unit costs, and minimum order quantities meet your requirements. What is their return policy? What is the delivery time? Ask clear, straightforward questions and get answers to minimize risk.

Place a test order

This step is especially important for working with online wholesalers. The answers you get from an online watch wholesaler may be inaccurate, but placing a test order gives you a more visual indication of the quality of the product, and the delivery time.

Finding a well-reviewed watch wholesaler that is familiar with your niche is an important step in getting your business off the ground.

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