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Cut quality in the 4C’s (color, cut, carat, and clarity) is the element that has the most impact on a diamond’s beauty.  Among all the cuts that a diamond can have, round diamonds are the most popular.  They account for over 75% of all diamonds sold in the world.

If you are considering purchasing a round cut diamond engagement ring in Dallas, here are tips you should know to make your shopping experience more meaningful and worthwhile.

What Is a Round-Cut Diamond?

A round-cut diamond is a classic shape that is a favorite among diamond purchasers.  It has fifty-seven perfectly aligned facets (when there is no culet) that make it out-shine other diamond cuts.  33 facets can be found on the crown of the diamond while the other 25 are on the pavilion.  This makes virtually all round diamonds brilliant-cut.

The key to its brilliance is total internal reflection where light travels through the stone and gives it its optimum sparkle and scintillation.  Hence, it is the true classic round cut diamond engagement ring in Dallas.  It is a simple cut of a diamond that keeps the focus on the sparkle and quality of the stone itself.

The Price of a Round Cut Diamond

Because the round cut diamond is the most popular and most-liked among all kinds of diamond cuts, it is often the priciest.  Here are the reasons why:

  • High consumer demand that results in higher prices
  • Low yield of round diamonds because a lot of rough is wasted in creating a conical shape. (up to 60%)

A round cut diamond engagement ring in Dallas can cost up to 35% more than a fancy shape.  But if you consider the brilliance and value of the diamond you will be purchasing, the price is worth paying.

Here’s a useful tip when you are on a budget but you want a round cut diamond engagement ring:  find ways to cut back on costs.  You can purchase a round cut diamond at a reduced price.  

For example, you can go lower on the color scale to an I or J.  If you are going to place the diamond in a yellow gold setting, you can go lower to K or L.  This is one way you can still get the diamond you desire and save a little bit of money because round cut diamonds dispel color.  The color difference from a step lower in the scale will not be noticeable.

The Specific Cut of a Round Diamond

When purchasing a round cut diamond engagement ring in Dallas, make sure that the specific cut grade has a length to width ratio of 1:1.01.  This is the ideal round cut diamond because it brings out the most brilliance.  It determines how much the diamond will sparkle.

Hence, if you get a round cut diamond that deviates from this ideal shape, the less brilliant it will appear.  Cut is one aspect that is best not to compromise too much.  It is the element that most heavily impacts a diamond’s beauty.

Choosing a Setting:  Prongs are Important

A four and six-prong setting are the most common option for a round cut diamond.  The choice depends on you.  

If you have a fairly active lifestyle, the six-prong may be the best for you because of its increased security.  The only disadvantage of the six-prong is that the prongs can cover the diamond more and hide it from view.

The four-prong setting which is the more traditional style tends to make the round cut look more squarish.  But, the diamond is more on the focus in this type of setting.

In addition to prongs, you can also choose a setting according to your style.  Remember that a round cut diamond is elegant and brilliant in itself.  It can get away with wearing it on a simple setting with no other diamonds.

However, it complements almost every type of setting as well.  You can have a round cut diamond engagement ring in Dallas set on an antique setting with intricate detailing on the band.  If you want to add extra sparkle, you can choose to have it placed on a halo setting.

You Can’t Go Wrong With a Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring in Dallas

Because of the mechanics of its shape, a round cut diamond is generally superior to its fancy-shaped counterparts.  It’s ability to look stunning and brilliant on any type of setting and it’s superior quality of optimum sparkle and shine makes it the true classic round cut diamond engagement ring in Dallas that will always be the perfect choice.