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Most people who live in temperate and polar regions know what it means to experience the winter season. However, making adequate plans and taking the right precautions is another challenge altogether. Stocking wardrobes with the right kind of clothing is a major preparation that needs to be done. This is because the winter season is arguably the coldest period in the year, and not being well clothed can easily result in conditions such as frostbites, pneumonia and hypothermia, among others. Common clothes designed for winter include jackets, coats, mitten/gloves, hats, scarves, and waterproof boots. Due to the durability and thickness of ther design and material, jeans and jeggings can also be categorized as adequate winter clothing.

Deciding which of these two clothing is better suited for winter is largely hinged on individual style, taste and personality. However, this article seeks to draw out a few subtle advantages why jeggings might just be better suited for winter over women’s jeans.

  •         With the exception of skinny jeans, putting on jeans would require putting on warmer underwear. But due to the design of jeggings, that might not be a necessity. Although one could argue for the case of putting on skinny jeans, however, not all jeans are designed to be tightly fitted. Also, depending on the severity of the cold, warm underwear could be a necessity for both articles of clothing. A lot of them can be found in a number of online clothing stores like Brayola.
  •         Jeggings and Jeans are made with similar style and material. Jeans are predominantly made using denim, while jeggings is a word used to describe a type of clothing that combines what is obtainable in both jeans and leggings. Jeggings are typically made using a blend of cotton/spandex, and in other cases, they are combined with denim. This is chiefly where the advantage of jeggings is hinged, as jeggings offer to women that balance between style/fashion and functionality.
  •         For women who are very much conscious about not losing their taste of fashion to winter, jeggings appear to be a better option than jeans. This is because they are typically more stylish, and attractive when compared to most female jeans. Women might also find it easier to get pleasantly looking winter boots/ foot wares that can go well with most jeggings, from different online retail platforms like Public Desire and so on.
  •         Also, the choice of wearing jeggings during winter is also determined by the fact that a sizeable number of jeggings are also made with an amount of denim, which gives women the look and feel that could be obtained from putting on jeans. This is in addition to the fact that jeggings are typically more elastic/flexible, softer and more comfortable.
  •         Another point in favor of jeggings is that many jeans absorb moisture and retain them for longer periods, which enhances the susceptibility of the body to cold temperatures. Also, jeans are typically harder, rougher, or stiffer on the skin, when compared to jeggings.
  •         Lastly, virtually all jeggings are skinny, which enables less room for the penetration of cold winter breeze. Although jeans provide direct insulation from the roughness of winter winds/breeze, air could easily penetrate through the leg opening at the bottom of the jeans.

Now that you have the reasons to consider jeggings over jeans as you shop in preparation for winter, do not forget that your choice totally depends on your comfort and personal style.

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