Why companies need to create new revenue streams


In the summer, Starbucks markets the heck out of its cold drinks and creates new ones. Come fall, it does the same with hot drinks.

What if Amazon continue to only sold books? What if Starbucks however only marketed espresso? What if McDonald’s only offered hamburgers? Would they be Amazon and Starbucks and McDonald’s? Would you have ever of even read of them? Probably, but almost certainly not.

So why are you even now only promoting the exact same couple of items or providers?

What Amazon and Starbucks and a great number of other wonderful organizations – significant and smaller alike – learned is that a person important to ongoing good results and growth is creating new streams of profits, many income facilities.

Glance, I get it, being self-employed can be laborious. Even soon after matters are eventually off the floor and have grow to be a fact, there is constantly more operate to be finished. In distinct, a single of those ongoing worries is figuring out how to produce a normal, continual stream of income. Some times this feels easy, whilst other folks, not.

If you have been in it for a although, then you currently have by now figured out a several reliable procedures that perform for you and your business enterprise. You know that this sale or that product or service is a winner. You have established what I call a recipe for results. Like a chef or a baker, your recipes can be applied time and time once more to generate the same economical outcome. This is how you make your dough (pun intended). Your recipes could be anything: Twitter adverts, regular gross sales, an e-newsletter advertising and so on.

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Nevertheless, the deal with the recipe process is that it can backfire.


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