11 Best Supplements To Gain Muscle Mass | Men's Journal

Muscle building supplements have the right balance of protein, amino acids, BCAAs, creatine, and other essential nutrients that support muscle growth and recovery. For those whose ultimate fitness goal is to build lean muscles and enhance their muscle mass, it is important to complement their diet and workout with the right kind of supplements. If you want the best muscle builder supplements, look for BCAAs. Add them to your fitness routine to enhance athletic performance, reduce post workout fatigue and muscle soreness, and for optimal muscle growth and development. 

Some of the main benefits of including muscle building GNC supplements in your fitness routine are – 

  • Enhance athletic performance and stamina 
  • Helps with quick and sustained recovery 
  • Helps muscle cells produce more energy 
  • Speed up muscle growth and development 
  • Reduce post workout fatigue and muscle soreness

There are a host of GNC supplements that you can choose from when it comes to muscle building. A lot of fitness enthusiasts and athletes at the beginner level think that they don’t need muscle building supplements. But that’s not true. With GNC muscle building supplements you get the promise of premium quality. It is best to consult your doctor or talk to your trainer to know which GNC supplement will be most suitable for you. 

Read more about the top GNC supplements ideal for muscle building. 

  1. GNC AMP Gold Series BCAA advanced with vitamin B6

GNC AMP Gold Series BCAA Advanced with Vitamin B6 is one of the bestselling BCAA supplements in India. Give your workouts an edge with the powerful formula of this GNC supplement. It has no added caffeine or creatine. It is ideal for fitness enthusiasts who do intense gymming (2-3 hours every day), for athletes who want to maximize their gains, and for weight trainers. 

It has the combination of 3 essential amino acids – valine, leucine, and isoleucine; and 3 essntial nutrients – vitamin B6, L-citrulline, L-glutamine. The 3 essential amino acids trigger protein synthesis for muscle growth and development. L-citrulline helps provide better muscle strength, while L-glutamine boosts immunity and improves recovery time. Each serving also provides 7 g instantized BCAAs in optimal ratio of 2:1:1 to help prevent muscle breakdown, especially after intense workout sessions. 

  1. GNC Pro Performance Creatine Monohydrate 

If we talk about GNC supplements for muscle building, we cannot miss the super popular and versatile supplement GNC Pro Performance Creatine Monohydrate. One of the most common misconceptions is that creatine monohydrate is only used for bulking. But that’s not true. For proper strength, stamina, and power, GNC Pro Performance Creatine Monohydrate is a great choice. 

Each serving provides 3 g premium quality creatine monohydrate. It is available as an unflavored powder, so you can easily add it to your favorite beverage and get all the benefits. It is versatile because you can have it pre or post workout. In the body creatine is converted into creatine phosphate and fuels the skeletal muscles. It also enhances athletic performance and improves cell hydration. 

  1. GNC Beyond Raw chemistry labs creatine HCL

Next we talk about GNC Beyond Raw Chemistry Labs Creatine HCL. Creatine is a nutritional compound derived from an amino acid. It is best known to help with immediate energy production during workouts and also plays an important role in muscle protein synthesis. The main benefit of including this GNC supplement in your fitness routine is that it helps muscle make and circulate ATP, the energy for quick and sustained activity for short durations like sprinting or weightlifting. 

Just mix 1 scoop of this GNC supplement with 8 oz water or any other beverage. Each serving provides 2 g of creatine HCL. You can take creatine HCL supplements in conjugation with other GNC supplements like – performance supplements, whey protein powders etc. 

  1. GNC Pro Performance AMP Gold series Ultra Rush

If there is one BCAA enriched muscle building GNC supplement that you must include to make a difference in your fitness routine, then it has to be GNC Pro Performance AMP Gold Series Ultra Rush. It is an ultra concentrated pre workout formula that’s ideal for those looking to build lean muscle mass, boost energy levels, and maximize their training. 

It is available in 2 delicious flavors – fruit punch, watermelon, and blueberry. GNC Pro Performance AMP Gold Series Ultra Rush is enriched with Power & Performance Matrix to promote endurance and muscle strength. Each serving provides 300 mg of caffeine, 3 g of creatine, and 1.5 g of beta-alanine for best results.

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It is highly recommended that you go through the dosage instructions and the ingredient list mentioned on the pack carefully. Consuming excess amount over a period of time can lead to certain side effects. Some of the most common side effects of BCAAs and muscle building supplements are – nausea, vomiting, digestive problems (gas, constipation, bloating), rashes and redness, breathing problems etc.